ChiroHealthUSA is proud to introduce our latest endeavor in advancing chiropractic care: the groundbreaking podcast ChiroSphere. Hosted by Dr. Ray Foxworth, founder and CEO of ChiroHealthUSA, ChiroSphere aims to empower chiropractors and their teams with invaluable insights, resources, and strategies to foster professional growth and excellence.

With over 39 years of unwavering dedication to the profession, Dr. Foxworth brings a wealth of experience and expertise to each episode. His leadership in advancing chiropractic care is evident through his involvement in key organizations such as the Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan, The Chiropractic Summit, and the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.

At the heart of ChiroSphere are the insightful conversations it hosts. Dr. Foxworth brings together influential figures in chiropractic care to share their wisdom, experiences, and innovative approaches. Initial podcast guests include Mrs. Kim Klapp, Dr. Jay Greenstein, Mr. Bharon Hoag, Dr. Rosemary Batanjski, Dr. Carl Cleveland, Mr. Aaron Reynolds, and Dr. Heidi Haavik. These esteemed guests offer actionable strategies to enhance practice and improve patient outcomes.

Covering topics ranging from healthcare technology to practice management strategies, ChiroSphere promises engaging discussions, practical advice, and valuable resources to support chiropractors’ professional journeys. The podcast serves as a catalyst for professional growth and development by fostering a community of learning and collaboration.

ChiroSphere is a must-listen for chiropractors committed to elevating their practices and making a meaningful impact on their patients’ lives. Tune in to Dr. Ray Foxworth and his esteemed guests as they illuminate the path to chiropractic excellence.

ChiroSphere is available on Podbean and other major podcast platforms. For more information and to tune in to the latest episodes, visit ChiroSphere Podcast.

Join the ChiroSphere community and embark on a transformative journey toward chiropractic excellence.

Kristi Hudson is a certified professional compliance officer (CPCO) and is Vice President of Business Relationships at ChiroHealthUSA. Beyond her responsibilities at ChiroHealthUSA, Kristi serves as the Vice Chair of the Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan, contributing her expertise to shape the future of the chiropractic profession. She also serves as a dedicated board member for ChiroCongress Cares, demonstrating her commitment to the chiropractic community’s well-being.

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