SecureCare is an Independent Physicians Association (IPA), started and managed by experienced health care executives and doctors. In June of 2012, SecureCare received the nationally recognized URAC accreditation in Provider Credentialing.

They work with major health care insurance companies on behalf of a network of doctors of chiropractic. They provide:

  • Access to Insurance Companies
  • Competitive Reimbursement
  • Chiropractic & Insurance Accountability
  • Office Administrative Efficiency

For more than 20 years, SecureCare has accumulated representation of nearly 4,000 offices, representing insurance billings exceeding $450 million annually.

SecureCare currently operates  not only in Kentucky, but also a multistate region, including Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Colorado, Tennessee, Minnesota and Illinois. 

Having partnered with the KAC and other chiropractic state associations, SecureCare is continuing to expand this successful model into new areas of the country.

SecureCare’s ultimate goal is to create a win/win relationship between payers and providers. To achieve this, our system prevents fraud, waste and abuse, all of which represent a danger to patient safety. They have a proven track record of effectively managing costs while ensuring provider satisfaction. That, partnered with a technologically-driven, state-of-the-art platform, positions SecureCare as a leader in clinical review, and a necessary partner to insurance companies and your practice. 

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