Do you know a chiropractor who has made a significant impact on the profession and the community? Someone who exemplifies excellence in patient care, professional development, and community service? If so, now is the perfect time to recognize their contributions by nominating them for the Kentucky Association of Chiropractors’ (KAC) Chiropractor of the Year Award!

Why Nominate?

The Chiropractor of the Year Award is the highest honor bestowed by the KAC, celebrating outstanding chiropractors who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and service. This award highlights those who have gone above and beyond in their practice, contributing to the advancement of chiropractic care and making a difference in the lives of their patients and the community.

How to Nominate:

  1. Eligibility: Any current member of the KAC in good standing is eligible to be nominated for this prestigious award.
  2. Nomination Submission: Complete the official nomination form available on the KAC website or at the KAC office. The form should include:
    • Your contact information as the person submitting the nomination
    • The nominee’s name and contact information.
    • A detailed description of their contributions and achievements.
    • Specific examples of their impact on the profession and community.
    • A statement explaining why they deserve to be recognized as Chiropractor of the Year.
  3. Deadline: All nominations must be submitted by August 21, 2024. Nominations received after this date will not be considered.
  4. Review Process: A selection committee will review all nominations and select the top 3 nominees. The Board of Directors will vote on the final 3 candidates.

Celebrate Excellence:

By nominating a deserving chiropractor, you not only acknowledge their hard work and dedication but also inspire others within the profession to strive for excellence. This award is a testament to the profound impact that chiropractors can have on their patients, peers, and communities.

Don’t miss this opportunity to honor a standout professional in the field of chiropractic care. Submit your nomination today and help us celebrate the best of the best!

To submit your nomination for the KAC’s 2024 Chiropractor of the Year, visit: