On March 21, 2022, the legislature overturned Governor Beshear’s veto on Senate Joint Resolution 150 to officially end the State of Emergency in Kentucky. What does this mean for chiropractors?

Continuing Education & Licensure

On March 30, 2022, the KBCE sent the email below to all licensees. What does this mean? The KBCE allowed for a 90-day grace period from the end of the State of Emergency for docs to become compliant with their continuing education credits and their physical license. There may be some docs who are potentially 3-years behind in their CEs and license. Make sure you bring your license current and become compliant before the 90-days run out to avoid any late fees! Check out the video on the right to learn more about what this means for your license.

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Email from KBCE:

On March 21, 2022, the legislature ended the state of emergency relating to Covid-19. SJR150 (RS 2022). Under the state of emergency, licensees were granted additional time to complete certain administrative obligations. SB 150 (RS 2020)SB 25 (RS 2022). The Kentucky Department of Professional Licensing is notifying you that the time period started on March 21, 2022, for completion of your administrative obligations to renew your license, pay outstanding fees without a late fee, and complete continuing education requirements. If you are not sure if your renewal is current, please log into your eServices account (go to https://dpl.ky.gov/ and click “eServices”) for your board to find information about your renewal and expiration dates based on the time period set by SB 150 (RS 2020) or your board.

If you have further questions, please contact the Board Administrator at (502) 892-4250 or by email at kbce@ky.gov.

Thank You,
Department of Professional Licensing

Mask Mandate

At this time, we cannot find anything written related to masks being required in a healthcare facility at this time that is current in Kentucky. The CDC still recommends masks for everyone in healthcare settings, that has not changed. Further, the amount of PPE you’re wearing will determine how long/if you need to close after exposure. Additionally, the KBCE continues to encourage licensed chiropractors to practice social distancing, employ enhanced sanitization, employ appropriate Personal Protective Equipment, and screen patients for COVID-19 symptoms. At this time we are encouraging each doc to talk to their malpractice company on their liability and to create their own mask policy in their office.