Starting May 7, 2025, standard driver licenses will no longer be accepted for these 3 purposes:

1.) clearing airport security checkpoints to board commercial, domestic flights;
2.) entry into military bases; and
3.) entry to federal buildings that require identification.

If you prefer the convenience of using a driver’s license or ID card for these purposes, you will want a Kentucky REAL ID card version. If your driver’s license has a star icon in the top right, it is REAL ID compliant. Other forms of federal identification, like a valid United States Passport or Department of Defense-issued ID, are acceptable forms of REAL ID. Learn more at and take our IDocument Guide quiz for a personalized list of required documents you will need to bring in person to any Driver Licensing Regional Office to apply for a REAL ID license or ID card. If you are not due to renew your license but want a REAL ID driver license or ID card once enforcement begins May 7, 2025, you may “upgrade” to a REAL ID card version any time for $15. Visit to schedule an appointment at any Driver Licensing Regional Office or Popup driver licensing event. A list of Driver Licensing Regional Offices may be found at .