It’s not quite time to order that 2024 business planner, but it’s still early enough to draft a strategy for next year. ChiroHealthUSA has experts at your disposal, ready to share their tried and tested expertise to help you thrive. Let’s prepare for the New Year today by setting personal, professional, and industry targets.

Your Personal Goals

Beating burnout in the year ahead should be a priority for every chiropractor. Establishing a healthier work/life balance will help you win that battle. First, recognize the signs of burnout, then ensure you meet your basic physical needs, get support from friends and colleagues, and fulfill yourself outside of your chiropractic office.

Prioritizing personal health and self-expression will significantly improve your mindset and performance as a professional. You might use 2024 for both purposes by reflecting today on how successfully your practice embodies your principles and how effectively you project your unique value proposition to the community.

Whatever you do, view 2024 as your year, not just another uphill slog of looming targets. Set aside 45 minutes for our webinar on November 14, and let Dr. Jodi Dinnerman share tips for keeping practice chiropractic joyful!

Professional Goals

A new year means new patients. Reviewing the educational value of your marketing materials (website, social media, and physical) can revitalize lagging acquisitions. ChiroHealthUSA providers get a head start through our marketing campaign materials, while our own Holly Jensen has a double dose of advice in her earlier article , “How to Promote and Market Your Practice,” and her September webinar.

Streamlining front and back-office processes is another thought. Can you eliminate some paperwork in favor of digital administration? Could your booking and billing procedures be made any more accessible as a result? A quick survey of past and present patients can reveal any pain points they’ve experienced, which can act as your guide to improvement next year. 

Goals for the Chiropractic Profession

Chiropractors can help create a better future when they allow their profession to thrive. 2024 can see you more involved in industry advocacy by joining one of the many groups dedicated to making chiropractic everything it can be, such as the Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan. Make sure your voice is heard by joining their survey group to provide input and feedback on current and future initiatives. 

Becoming part of the bigger picture will help your practice stay connected to the profession’s overall goals and let you play a more significant role in helping chiropractic gain wider public acceptance, greater presence in national health policy, and more. Chiropractic has come a long way, but there’s still a lot to be done before we gain the recognition we all work so hard to deserve.

Have you got some free time on your 2023 calendar? Connect with us to discover more about how ChiroHealthUSA is helping chiropractors across America build more profitable and compliant practices. Afterall, ChiroHealthUSA is about so much more than discounts!

Dr. Ray Foxworth, DC, FICC, is founder and CEO of ChiroHealthUSA. For over 35 years, he worked “in the trenches” facing challenges with billing, coding, documentation, and compliance, in his practice. He is a former Medical Compliance Specialist and currently serves as chairman of The Chiropractic Summit, an at-large board member of the Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan Committee, a board member of the Cleveland College Foundation, and an executive board member of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. He is a former Staff Chiropractor at the G.V. Sonny Montgomery VA Medical Center and past chairman of the Mississippi Department of Health.