The KAC Political Action Committee (KAC-PAC) enables chiropractors to help elect legislators who support our position on issues significant to the Chiropractic profession. By pooling our resources together, we can ensure the chiropractic profession continues to have a strong presence in Kentucky’s legislative and regulatory activities. 

What is KAC-PAC?

The KAC-PAC is a separate entity from the KAC. The KAC-PAC is supported solely by the voluntary contributions of KAC members. It is registered as a “permanent committee” with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance (KREF).

The Board of PAC Trustees voluntarily directs the KAC-PAC’s responsibilities and activities. PAC Trustees are practicing chiropractors from around the commonwealth and must be members of the KAC. These volunteers are committed to analyzing candidates and promoting the KAC-PAC.

What does the KAC-PAC do?

The KAC-PAC’s objective is to help protect Kentuckians’ ability to access high-quality, cost-effective chiropractic care. Contributions to the KAC-PAC are used to support candidates for the Kentucky legislature or constitutional offices who are educated on chiropractic issues and able to promote sound policies while defeating policies that hurt the Chiropractic profession. KAC-PAC funds help us maintain and enhance our legislative efforts and open lines of communication with key lawmakers.  

What are the reporting requirements?

Pursuant to Kentucky law, contributor information (including employer, occupation, and mailing address) for all contributions above $100 is reported to the KREF. For more information on PAC rules in Kentucky, visit the KREF website.

How can I contribute to the KAC-PAC?

Your contribution can be made to the KAC-PAC via check made payable to KAC-PAC, 7349 Burlington Pike, Florence KY 41042. If you prefer to make a one-time or reoccurring donation via personal credit card, please call the executive office at 859-554-4498. 

Individuals are limited to an annual $1,500 contribution to the KAC-PAC.

KAC-PAC cannot accept firm or corporate contributions, including those made by pass-through entities.