The 2024 Kentucky primary elections have concluded, and the results are in for various key races, including those for President, congressional districts, and state legislative seats.

President of the United States

  • Republican Primary: Donald Trump emerged as the clear winner, securing a significant lead over all other candidates.
  • Democratic Primary: President Joe Biden garnered a majority of the votes, outpacing Marianne Williamson and Dean Phillips. Notably, 18% of the votes were uncommitted.

Key Congressional Races

  • 2nd District: Democratic candidate Hank Linderman won his primary against William Compton.
  • 3rd District: Incumbent Democrat Morgan McGarvey won his primary, while Republican candidate Mike Craven secured his party’s nomination.
  • 4th and 5th Districts: Republican incumbents Thomas Massie and Hal Rogers both won their respective primaries.
  • 6th District: Democrat Randy Cravens won by a very slim margin against all other candidates.

Key Senate Races

  • Democratic Primary: Incumbent Gerald Neal won the primary for State Senate District 33.
  • Republican Primaries: The following candidates won their respective State Senate primaries:
    • Jason Howell (District 1)
    • Stephen Meredith* (District 5)
    • Aaron Reed (District 7) over incumbent Adrienne Southworth
    • Steve Rawlings (District 11)
    • Matt Nunn (District 17)
    • Johnnie Turner* (District 29)


State Representative Races

Republican Primary Winners:

  • Kimberly Holloway (District 2) over incumbent Richard Heath
  • Josh Calloway* (District 10)
  • Michael Meredith* (District 19)
  • Ryan Bivens (District 24)
  • Chris Lewis (District 29)
  • Thomas Jefferson (District 45) over incumbent Killian Timoney
  • Felicia Rabourn* (District 47)
  • Thomas Huff* (District 49)
  • Candy Massaroni* (District 50)
  • Marianne Proctor* (District 60)
  • Savannah Maddox* (District 61)
  • Tony Hampton (District 62)
  • Kimberly Moser* (District 64)
  • T.J. Roberts (District 66)
  • Terry Hatton (District 67)
  • Steven Doan* (District 69)
  • Tom Smith* (District 86)
  • Timmy Truett* (District 89)
  • Billy Wesley* (District 91)
  • Brandon Spencer (District 95)


Democratic Primary Winners:

  • Timothy Findley (District 29)
  • Daniel Grossberg (District 30)
  • Colleen Davis (District 31)
  • Nima Kulkarni* (District 40)
  • Mary Lou Marzian (District 41)
  • Joshua Watkins (District 42)
  • Beverly Chester-Burton* (District 44)
  • Kate Farrow (District 48)
  • Chantel Bingham (District 56)
  • Erika Hancock (District 57)
  • Anne Donworth (District 75)
  • George Brown Jr.* (District 77)
  • Adrielle Camuel* (District 93)
  • Tammie Womack (District 98)


Not declared a winner:

  • William Dorn and Colin McDowwell (District 36)

Importance of Voter Participation in the November General Election

The primary election results set the stage for a competitive and pivotal general election in November. It is crucial for all eligible voters to participate in the upcoming general election. Here’s why your vote matters:

1. Shaping Policy and Governance: The individuals elected in November will make critical decisions on healthcare, education, infrastructure, and economic policies that directly affect the lives of Kentuckians. Voting ensures that your voice is heard in these crucial policy debates.

2. Reflecting Public Sentiment: High voter turnout is a powerful indicator of public sentiment and engagement. It holds elected officials accountable and ensures they represent the diverse views of their constituents.

3. Determining the Balance of Power: The general election will not only decide local and state offices but also contribute to the balance of power in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. This balance is crucial for shaping national legislation and priorities.

4. Influencing Future Elections: Voting in the general election impacts future electoral cycles by demonstrating the electorate’s priorities and concerns. It sets the stage for future candidates and policy discussions.

5. Empowering Communities: Every vote contributes to the collective strength of communities, especially those that are historically underrepresented. Active participation can lead to greater advocacy and resources for these communities.

Call to Action

As we approach the 2024 general elections, it is imperative for every eligible voter to participate. The primary elections have set the stage, but the final act is yet to come. Your vote is your voice, and it is crucial in determining the direction of Kentucky and the nation. Not sure where to vote? Check out our helpful links below!

Ensure you are registered to vote, stay informed about the candidates and issues, and most importantly, cast your ballot in November. Your participation is essential in shaping a future that reflects the values and needs of all Kentuckians. In Kentucky, voters must be registered 29 days before Election Day. Not sure if you’re registered to vote? Check out our helpful links below!

Helpful links:

The 2024 general elections are not just about choosing leaders; they are about defining the path forward for our state and country. Let your voice be heard. Vote in November.