URGENT: Don’t Miss the Deadline to Save Big with the One-Time Account Adjustment

Why are CHIROPRACTORS experiencing the second most greatest pain on their federal student loan debt?

They are the second highest defaulting professional borrower behind attorneys considering that most of them can qualify for $0 monthly payments at a 0% interest rate and have the potential to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt forgiven?

Do you know what that feels like when you look at your bank account and it has $500,000 more in it than you thought it had? Chiropractor and

President of the Black Chiropractic Association, Dr. Michaela Edwards, had that exact thing happen to her by working with Student Loan Tutor!

That is not a unique situation where our clients are having 100% forgiven or having their payments dropped to zero at 0% interest rate with a projected forgiven amount that is gigantic! Almost the equivalent of getting a scholarship after the fact.

Recent updates to the federal student loan program will allow some borrowers to count backdated months toward their loan forgiveness date, and the Biden Administration is waiving federal taxes on loans forgiven through 2025.

These changes apply to more than 43 million Americans holding federal student loans, and may amount to a projected ~$400 billion in loans forgiven. But many don’t know how to take advantage of the new rules, nor how they’ll be affected when forgiveness occurs.

The waiver allows borrowers to have all previous payments, regardless of loan or repayment type, count toward forgiveness. Backdated payments may now include any month’s deferment prior to 2013 and any months of payments before consolidation of federal student loans.

This one-time account adjustment expires on December 31, 2023, so borrowers who want to take advantage of this provision must consolidate their loans in the Department of Education’s Direct Loans Program before the end of the year. Some who consolidate their loans on time will find they are much closer to their loan forgiveness date than they realized, and some will even receive a refund for months or years paid beyond when they should have received forgiveness.

Here’s the real kicker – Once the loans are consolidated, there’s no way to differentiate the loan sets. So, if you graduated in 1995 with student loans and then went back to school in 2020 and acquired more loans — and then consolidate them before the end of 2023 — the Department of Education has been shown to backdate all the loans to 1995, meaning even the new loans may be forgiven.

And there’s more — The American Rescue Plan Act that Biden passed in March 2021 was implemented to make sure any canceled debt from Federal Student Loans is not subject to federal taxation and was put in place to offset the taxes that would be assessed on the $10-20K in forgiveness. This has an added benefit for anyone that benefits from the One Time Account Adjustment and reaches a total of 20-25 total years of payments, will not have taxes due on the forgiven debt. Canceled federal student loan debt normally involves a tax implication. But all canceled debt on federal student loans between December 2020 until December 31, 2025, will not be taxed. Please note there may be state tax for borrowers in Minnesota, Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.

This is also newsworthy because it sets a precedent for further student loan reform. There may be future class action lawsuits to drop the tax implication altogether. The general trend in legislative changes is only improving the repayment programs so they’re more in favor of the borrower.

Who should get help?

  • If you have federal student loans older than 2013
  • If you had a break between undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • If you don’t already have a direct consolidated loan not to be confused with FFEL consolidated loans.

If any of these applies to you, we highly recommend reaching out to schedule a free evaluation call to ensure you’re in the best scenario before the waiver ends. You can schedule that here.

What should I keep in mind?

  • You must consolidate different loan sets into a single direct loan
  • You must be enrolled in an active Income-Driven Repayment program or Public Service Loan Forgiveness program
  • You must submit your application before December 31, 2023

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