Boost Morale in Your Chiropractic Practice

Looking to build a happier, more effective chiropractic practice? Start with caring about your staff. Here are 10 easy tips to boost staff morale that won’t break the bank.

Key Concepts

  • Employee satisfaction contributes to a more effective practice
  • Learn easy ways to show your employees you care
  • How to practice workplace wellness

Too many bosses believe the only way to show an employee that you care is to give them a raise or a bonus. Of course, it’s deeply appreciated. But what about the rest of the year? What about the years when no raises are given? The truth is, there are many simple ways to show your staff you care at little or no cost. They’ll go a long way toward letting your staff know — every week and even every day — that they are valued by you.

Why is that important? Research confirms that team members who receive regular recognition and praise will:

  • Increase their individual productivity
  • Increase their workplace engagement
  • Likely stay with their organization
  • Receive higher loyalty and satisfaction scores from customers.

Here’s Your Staff Appreciation To-Do List

Creating a ”culture of appreciation” can take many forms in a chiropractic care office. Below are 10 ways simple ways to show your staff you care:

  1. Show Leadership, Not Dictatorship — Inclusion, transparency, and communication…these are all critical to a healthy office environment and developing a winning team of employees. It’s your role as chief executive
    (yes, that’s what you are!) to help your staff understand expectations, processes, and how success is measured — right from the start. Put it in a handbook if it helps.  
  2. Daily Affirmations — The day-to-day grind of keeping patients satisfied sometimes means staff doesn’t get the recognition they deserve. A sincere and simple ”thank you for your great work today” will send everyone home on a high note. And frankly, a verbal thank you is something that your staff simply cannot hear enough.  
  3. Surprise Treats — When a boss takes the time to bring in cookies, donuts, or unexpected coffees from Starbucks for the staff, it means the world to employees. It’s a simple way to show your staff you care, and your efforts won’t be forgotten! Tip: Do it often, but change up the day, the treat, etc.
  4. Non-Cash Bonuses — One survey reported that 65% of employees say they prefer non-cash incentives. Gift cards to favorite restaurants or shops, merchandise and weekend getaways are so appreciated.
  5. Empower Your Staff — You’ve hired great people who are excellent in their roles, but being the boss, it’s easy to get caught up in micromanaging. Instead, step back and let them shine. Monitor from afar using performance measurements that can be shared in regular reviews. Offer praise regularly. Offer further training when necessary.
  6. Build a Work/Life Balance — Let your staff know that you believe in a healthy work-life balance — and then demonstrate it. Consult with staff to understand their outside of work needs and try to develop a work schedule that can support those needs. Show you care by exercising flexibility whenever possible if a staffer needs personal time. As long as a request doesn’t interfere with the function of your practice, allowing time off for a dentist visit or school meeting should be a no-brainer.
  7. Practice Workplace Wellness — You run a chiropractic office — everything you do focuses on wellness! How about letting your staff in on that, too? Bring in a yoga instructor for a half hour session at lunch or after work or set up a meditation/nap room with a 15-minute alarm. Of course, a simple way to show your staff you care is to ask them directly what they might like in the way of wellness offerings.
  8. Check Your Surroundings — Employees perform at their best when they are happy and satisfied. Pleasant surroundings are part of that satisfaction. Take a look around at workspaces and common staff areas. Do they encourage positivity and productivity? Are the desk chairs comfortable or worn? Also important: allow staff to personalize their space with a plant or photos — it’s another simple way to show your staff you care about them as people, not just employees.
  9. Let Them Know You Have Their Back — Unfortunately, patients aren’t always respectful of staff. If you learn that a staff member is being treated poorly, look into the situation. If warranted, you may need to tell the patient they’re ”no longer a good fit” for your practice. Demonstrating to employees that you have their back results in immeasurable returns in the form of loyalty and productivity — and it’s worth much more than a single patient’s fees.  
  10. Make Time for Them — When a boss is always too busy for a simple chat, it leaves employees feeling undervalued and respected. How often do you interact with your staff when it’s not about patient business? A simple way to show your staff you care is ask about their family, their weekend plans, etc.  

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