We have continued to consistently meet with CareSource over the last two (plus) years. In October 2022, we had no choice but to engage the Division of Insurance to help us work on our issues chiropractors are facing.

Since October, we want to report the outcome of the KAC’s direct efforts:

  1. With the help of our amazing Insurance Relations Committee, the KAC’s own lobbying team and the Division of Insurance, chiropractors are starting to see claims automatically being reprocessed dating back to January 2021, with interest. Payments will reach almost $1M to be paid to Kentucky Chiropractors.
  2. There are new policies starting April 1, 2023 – where there were previously no chiropractic policies for CareSource – hence why so many issues providers faced.
  3. There is no prior authorization for chiropractors with the new policies dating April 1, 2023. Early on in our conversations, CareSource initially wanted to require prior authorization, however the KAC was successful in removing the prior authorization requirement for chiropractors.
  4. Listen to the video below for more information!

This isn’t over! We need to hear from you! Have you started to receive payment dating back to January 2021? Send us an update! Email insurance@thekac.org to let us know of your progress.

We will also need to hear from providers after the new policies are implemented starting April 1, 2023. We know there are still currently processing issues on CareSource’s part and CareSource is going back on a weekly basis to reprocess claims.

After April 1, 2023 – are you still having processing issues? What are they? We will continue to meet regularly with CareSource, to make sure we can fully resolve processing issues – however our information is only as good as our docs let us know there is an issue.

A big THANK YOU to our KAC members for their continued support! It is because of support from you that make these outcomes possible.

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Resource: CareSource’s 4/1/2023 Chiropractic Policies: https://thekac.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Chiropractic-Care-KY-MP-PY-1333_04012023.pdf