12.21.2021 Executive Director Update

Donate today at theKAC.org/2021relief

12.13.2021 Executive Director Message

It is with a heavy heart I bring you this message today. By now, you have probably heard about the recent tornadoes that happened over the weekend. We understand a total of 4 tornados touched down with the largest one spanning over 200+ miles through western Kentucky. Our thoughts and prayers are with every Kentuckian during this difficult time.

The KAC has been assessing different ways to help the state, not just chiropractors but all Kentuckians. We’ve talked to a few docs on the western side of the state and we’ve been told donation centers have been set up and are slightly overwhelmed at the moment with physical supplies.

At this time, the KAC has set up a 2021 Tornado Relief Fund. 100% of donations made to our fund will help chiropractors first in any need they may have – this could be food, supplies, a few nights in a hotel or a bill paid, etc.. Any additional remaining funds will be sent to a larger fund, like the Western KY Tornado Relief fund with the state to help the state of Kentucky and the lives impacted by the storms.

You don’t have to donate directly to our donation fund if you don’t want to. You can pick your preferred donation – reaching out to local docs if you’re on the western side of the state, bringing supplies or making monetary donations to assist with cleanup and to start rebuilding Kentucky. We just hope you’ll join us in helping Kentucky return to the way it was before and help those chiropractors and families who have been impacted find relief.

We are still getting in touch with doctors on that side of the state. If we find there’s a direct and immediate need for chiropractors or chiropractic specific supplies, we will change the funding priority. If you know a chiropractor who has been impacted, please send their best contact information to the KAC so we can establish priority. Send an email to kac@thekac.ce21newsites.com

We hope you’ll join the KAC board in helping Kentucky return as quickly as possible from this disaster that has impacted so many lives.

Check out the video below from KAC Executive Director, Rachel Wendt, DC