Update to CareSource billing procedures | Kentucky Association of Chiropractors

We continue to regularly meet with CareSource regarding their lack of chiropractic policies over the last few years in efforts to come to a favorable resolution. After our meeting this morning – please implement the following in your office for CareSource specifically until further notice.

When billing to CareSource – at this time CareSource prefers the subluxation codes (M99.xx) codes to be placed FIRST with your supporting diagnosis code second. This will be the same for any extremity adjusting – place the M99.06 or M99.07 code first and the supporting code second pointing to the extremity CPT. Also – when billing an extremity or spinal code – place the AT modifier with the CPT code for every time you bill a spinal or extremity code (98940-98943).

We are still working with CareSource on these issues. While we understand this is only Medicare’s way of billing – this is a simple solution to implement in your office until a resolution is reached.

We are continuing to meet with CareSource regarding claims dating back to January 2021. If you receive any reprocessed claims, please call the KAC office so we can monitor the progress throughout the state.